Jenna Gargles IS Little Miss Promiscuous

Have you tried Virtual Reality? It’s a pretty awesome experience and you can immerse yourself into the scene and feel closer to the models than normal scenes, almost as if you’re there. You’ll need a headset (I recommend the Oculus Go which is easy to work) and GroobyVR

has all the top trans models including our fave, Jenna Gargles.

Little Miss Promiscuous indeed! If you didn’t know this already, Los Angeles vixen Jenna Gargles is one very, very bad girl. Already making a big name for herself in the biz with that ultra-slutty persona, her lust for all things cock and of course that massive piece of action she keeps tucked so neatly in her panties – which you can FINALLY feast upon in this booming Grooby production!

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We’ve got a real live one here boys and girls; the fantastic Jenna Gargles takes center stage for one seriously explosive VR debut. Go make her yours!

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Jenna on Bob’s Tgirls Interview

Bob’s Tgirls is one one of the longest running transsexual paysites – and Jenna has just debuted there!


Where are you from?Orlando, Florida
Where do you live now?Los Angeles, California
What is your ethnic background?Israeli
What is your zodiac sign?Aquarius
What are your measurements?5’11” 125lb waist
What are your favorite foods?baked spagetti
What are your favorite movies? Death Becomes Her
Who is your favorite musicians?Amy Winehouse
Are you top, bottom or versatile?versatile
What is your sexual fantasy?being fisted
What is your wildest sexual experience?massive orgy
What are other things you enjoy?swimming, helping people, counceling youth
Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?I love every single one of you. You are the reason I’m here and working.

Jenna’s first set was a cheeky ‘pee in a glass’ scene and shot as only Bob knows how. It’s a great scene, featuring our fave model looking awesome. I love the shots of her ankles behind her neck in a ‘fuck me’ post. Yes please!

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Horny Jenna Gargles Cums!

Jenna Gargles returns to for her cumshot set.

Gorgeous Femout Newbie and TS Casting Couch graduate, Jenna Gargles, returns this Saturday with her second Femout solo! Without a doubt, this cutie is one of the hottest newbies to make her debut recently! In another smoking hot solo scene produced by Buddy Wood, Jenna is horny and ready to play!

Watch her posing, stripping and stroking her hard dick until she cums!

Those of us who are true Jenna fans, will appreciate this scene as she’s so engaged and into it (as she usually is) and releases on hell of an orgasm at the end – wish I’d been there to see it in person.

def outta the park grand slam homerun. This chic is so gdam hot. I love her slim lil flat chested body with that huge cock. Just incredible. Im gonna really enjoy this on 4K. “

Wow! Talk about being a natural in front of the camera… Truly amazing in all aspects of the shoot! Bring her on – I’m calling it – Future Superstar – If she staying with the industry.?. “

What a GODDESS!!!!!!!!! My dream girl !!!!!!!!! “

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Jenna Gargles Debuts on Femout

One of the most popular girls yet to feature on Femout.XXX

. This is Grooby’s website dedicated to up and coming Trans girls, early in their development.

We have something really special for you this weekend on Femout! Super cute Jenna Gargles makes her Femout debut! A few weeks ago, Jenna had her first Grooby appearance on TS Casting Couch. Today, she would like to introduce herself to Femout members too! Jenna is a transsexual teen dream! Sweet and tasty and filled with cream. She’s a real cutie with an insatiable sexual appetite who will do very well in this industry. Perky little booty and a big cock that she loves to have played with!

With a solid 5-star review Jenna’s debut is one of the successes of 2019 so far.

This was a great and very hot scene! I loved watching Jenna be very flexible in a few different positions, spreading her ass and jiggling it around while you see her cock and balls swinging around. Jenna looks amazing and very sexy! She has a pretty face, nice natural tits, big hard cock, perfect and pretty round ass, long and slender sexy legs and beautiful feet. Thank you guys so much for debuting Jenna on this site! I hope to see a lot more future updates of her on here.

Another prime example of what a perfect Tgirl is suppose to look like IMO. Nice cute face. Love the slim feminine petite body with the flat chest…gdam I love that. No hormonal boobs & no fake bolt-ons. All natural just starting out. Those are my favorite types and BW finds another gem in Jenna. This is why I’m a FEMOUTXXX fan. “

So fucking HOT!!!! One of the hottest girls I have ever seen . I would make her my queen .and I hope her first command is to suck her amazing cock .and the second to swallow every drop. And I will “

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