Jenna Gargles IS Little Miss Promiscuous

Have you tried Virtual Reality? It’s a pretty awesome experience and you can immerse yourself into the scene and feel closer to the models than normal scenes, almost as if you’re there. You’ll need a headset (I recommend the Oculus Go which is easy to work) and GroobyVR

has all the top trans models including our fave, Jenna Gargles.

Little Miss Promiscuous indeed! If you didn’t know this already, Los Angeles vixen Jenna Gargles is one very, very bad girl. Already making a big name for herself in the biz with that ultra-slutty persona, her lust for all things cock and of course that massive piece of action she keeps tucked so neatly in her panties – which you can FINALLY feast upon in this booming Grooby production!

Click the play button to check out the free trailer!

We’ve got a real live one here boys and girls; the fantastic Jenna Gargles takes center stage for one seriously explosive VR debut. Go make her yours!

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